About the office


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We are wishing to create a society in which everyone can work comfortably and raise children with peace of mind. To make this possible, as professional nurses we provide equal care to all.
There are many people with different backgrounds living in Japan. We would like to find new ideas, offer suggestions to create new systems that can support all adults and children from the field of nursing.

Research achievements

For our research, we mainly focus on japanese nurses with international experiences and the diversifying childcare field.

Research on Global Child Care

Research on nurses who travel internationally

Research on medical care for foreign nationals

(disasters, nursing care, hospitals, local community)

Research on nursing education

Research on international nursing

Activities for children with african roots


Nasu Dagba Junko

Born in Kyoto city, 1975. Studied in New Zealand at the age of 15 and graduated from Ritsumeikan university, faculty of international relations in 1988. Obtained the nurse license in 2001, started her career as a nurse in an emergency room in the Red Cross Kyoto Daini Hospital. She has been working in as a university faculty member since 2008, lecturing in the fields of international Nursing and Fundamental/Basic Nursing.
A family of three with a Nigerian husband and a daughter.